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Step 1: Watch the FREE Branding 101 Course Above

Logos, colors, fonts, brochures, websites…forget em’. That’s not branding guys.


With this video I teach TRUE branding. Learn what makes your target audience buy, how to build a ‘sales relationship ‘with your brand and how to develop a ‘brand conversation‘ that generates sales so you can live off your passion!

STEP 2: Get your FREE Branding Toolkit Below…

You’ve completed the training. Now take that knowledge to the next level! Learn strategies to identify and research your  target audience; learn how to use your research to build a Visual Brand Identity that customers love.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, learn how Military Spouses and Veteran Entrepreneurs can PCS-Proof your branding.

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Master Branding Guide

Here, I’ve broken down the elements of your brand into simple, easy-to-follow explanations and examples.  You’ll also get real-world insights to push your brand from ‘okay’ to ‘oh yeah’!

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Customer Profile Kit

What happens when a Milspouse Boss is faced with another cross country move? How do you learn the buying culture of your location and keep momentum flowing through your company? Use this guide and learn where your next big opportunity is waiting.

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Target Audience Guide

What if I told you that your product may not be what your customers are actually buying from you? If you aren’t speaking the right message to the right people in the right way your business will fail. Get to know your audience.

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PCS Proof Your Brand

Oh, this one is awesome guys! Don’t let another PCS ruin your branding. This guide is a blueprint  so you can reach your next locaton without losing momentum with your business. Absolutley essential for military spouse entrepreneurs.

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See what some of our partners are saying about the Toolkit.

The SHOP kicks @$$! From start to finish they kept me focused. The toolkit is an awesome resource…especially the Customer Profile Kit. Saved me tons of time.

~Deana A. (Owner, Team 478)

I hired Reggie to do my branding first. When I finally sat down and started using the Toolkit, I saw so much potential for my business. This guy knows his stuff. Great teacher!

~Josette Chase (Fedsom, Independent Consultant)

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You have to make a decision. While you experiment with branding, reaching your dreams & mastering your career gets further away with each passing day. You needed a funtioning, targeted brand ‘yesterday’ guys. 

Let The SHOP build it for you. Choose a plan below and get started today.
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