my story? Well, it KINDA’ starts with me being jerk.

No, I’m serious. It really does…

See, I missed a few things growing up…

My father was a pilot with the United States Air Force.  For as long as I can remember my family has always supported and celebrated his career and achievements.  My love of the military was forged by his unwavering service.

But let’ s fast-forward a bit. Standing in my mother’s home office, well into my thirties now, I notice a framed Master’s degree hanging on the wall.  Then I notice another hanging right beside it.  Around these diplomas are more frames, each one for a different certification. At that moment it dawns on me.

I’m a jerk.

For most of my life I failed to realize the sacrifices my milspouse mother made with her own career while we celebrated and pushed my father’s.  As intelligent, capable and qualified as she was, my ma’ could never gain the traction needed to maintain a career and the homefront. The unfairness of that was a serious gut-punch.

And that gut-punch gave birth to The SHOP.

I’ve made it my mission to build up the military spouse through the experience and skillsets I’ve honed for over a decade serving the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center/ Complex Commanders and executive leadership team. As Brand Manager and Visual Communications lead I learned the truth of real branding.

Branding is simply a conversation. An exchange of values.

That’s what I teach and deliver to military spouse entrepreneurs. How to have the RIGHT conversation with the RIGHT audience in the RIGHT way.

So if you’re ready to level up your business, let’s get together. We’ve got a lot to do.

Let’s get to it.



Stories amaze me. Like a block of marble, there’s often a masterpiece hiding deep inside them. Part of my process is finding that work of art, through research and intuition, and then communicating it in a way that speaks to the heart of your audience. You need someone that understands the power of a crafted narrative to max your success.


This isn’t graphic design. I don’t just make you look pretty. My success is directly tied to the execution of your branding once it’s released from my hands.  Essentially, what I do has to work. That said, I’m rooting for you too. I want to see you grow and dominate. It’s not enough to work your passion. You need an experienced brand strategist & designer to push you past your limits.


Guys, it does me no good to have uninformed customers. My sole mission is to strengthen the military spouse and your family. I want you to understand your brand. If you have to hire a branding professional, I want you to do so from a position of strength. Otherwise you’re like someone who knows nothing about cars and needs a mechanic…you’ll believe ANYTHING.

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