Brand Spotlight: Why I need to fight Megan Hall

Okay, enough Megan Hall. We fightin’. After school. Monkey bars.

Monkey Bar Chicken. Still the realest battleground ever…

Listen, before ya’ll come at me understand something. This woman is responsible for the second worst disappointment I’ve ever felt in my life. Seriously. Only one other tops it.

This…this will never heal.

First, a little background…

I’m online a few weeks ago, doing some research on motivation for military spouses. Nothing fancy, just browsing. Eventually, I landed on the Facebook page of a certain someone. And right from the get-go, I noticed…things.

It was purple.

It was pink.

It was girly.

I am not.

Clearly it wasn’t for me and there was plenty more web to search. So I left.

Then my brain kicked in. I’d forgotten the page came up under ‘military spouses’.

That’s what I’d been looking for.

Guys, what happened in those few seconds is super important.  You probably missed why so I’ll tell you in a minute. It was more than just solid gender targeting. But I know you’re still waiting to find out why I’ma fight her, too.

Trust me, it’s all coming. Stay with me…

So, anywho, I went back to that page.

Megan Hall’s page.

The profile picture was a woman. Pixie-cut blonde hair. White shirt (with a heart on it). Bright pink skirt. Crazy-fun smile. Instantly likable.

Off to the left was another picture, linked to her FB story. Same outfit but she’s blowing a handful of glitter at the camera.


In both pictures, she’s standing in a forest.

Now here’s the thing. I know me. Being honest, I’m not big on those kinds of pictures. Like at all. If one of my friends had posted a pic like that, I’d have asked, “Why a forest? You weren’t even dressed for that. And hold up! You blowin’ glitter with no eye protection too!?”

Time as an Occupational Safety Specialist has ruined me.

It just wouldn’t make sense to me.

Only…I never asked that question. It wasn’t until days later that it even dawned on me to question why I hadn’t questioned…not…questioning. Wait, what?

Sorry, I lost my place in the ‘questioning’.

Inception? More like ‘Inquestion’.
Sigh. I know.

See, from the moment I went back I was in another world. I felt it. I just didn’t realize it. I wasn’t the Captain anymore. The more I dug in, the more hooked I became.

And that confused the life out of me later on.

Why on earth did I stay on this page that I know for a fact wasn’t targeting me? I mean, come on, I know Megan’s page is for women. It’s right there on the flippin’ banner!

The colors, the messaging and tone. All of it is catered towards women.

It even had the obligatory big, bold motivational quote posts. I’m not fond of them either. But there I was, reading them. A bunch of them.

And I was nodding my head. And clucking my tongue. I even said, “Yup,” a few times.

My God. What did that say about me?

What was happening!?



Here’s the thing. For my milspouse hustlers out there, many of you are one person shops or a really small team. That means something.

It means you can’t hide or separate yourself from your business. You are your business.

When that happens, being true to yourself and to your audience takes on so much more meaning. People are looking for connections, not businesses. They want to know you. They want to see how well you fit together. And if you do fit, they want to take the relationship deeper.

Think about it. Did you date your spouse hoping they’d later reveal they weren’t who they appeared to be?

Yeah. Me neither.



Keep in mind, I found a lot of this information later on after visiting her website, Megan Hall Motivation.

Reading her bio, it’s clear Mrs. Hall went through a period of serious self-reflection. She came to know herself. But not only did she discover who she was at the time…

…she defined who she wanted, and needed, to become.

Guys, that was it! That was the characteristic that made her branding so strong. When I realized it, everything about her Facebook site and my inability to escape it made sense.

Hear me out.

There are so many motivators out there, all telling you who, what and how you should be. All of them speaking from a place of, ‘Been there. Now I’m not.”

Megan, however, has a different approach. It’s a subtle change, but powerful nonetheless. See, for her, who she desires to become is still a desire. She’s clearly made leaps and bounds in pursuing her goal, but the process hasn’t ended yet.

In fact, it will never stop, and what resonates with her audience is that she is perfectly aware of this truth. It just doesn’t matter. She’s still grinding it out, one day at a time, just like all of us.

What makes her a great coach, teacher, and motivator is that she’s not focused on the destination.

For Megan, it’s the journey she’s learned to love.

So that’s what her tribe learns by example. How to embrace their journeys. Highs. Lows. Triumphs. Failures. It all counts. It all matters. It all deserves love because that’s how we grow.

Megan hides none of it. When it’s an off day, when negativity reigns, she lets ya’ know all about it. She tells you how she handles it (or should have) without ever stepping onto a soapbox. She reads like an open book.

So when she says you can do something there’s no doubt she believes it. She believes in you.

That speaks to people. It spoke to me.

That’s what you need to strive for. A doubtless brand fueled by self-awareness and your desire to better yourself and the audience you’re growing.

It’s why I could read them big ol’ quotes and not roll my eyes. They were her truth, gifted to me.

It’s why I forgot I don’t really gel with pinks and purples and ‘yass gurls’. Her message, reaching for positive life changes, has no gender.

It’s why her forest picture didn’t get to me. Even without knowing anything about her initially, it was clear that no matter where Mrs. Hall ends up, that’s where she’s meant to be.

I was in the presence of a real person, with real struggles and real victories, who believed even I could do more. And that was enough to lock me in, regardless of whether I was her target audience. Like every entrepreneur, she needed to focus on a specific tribe that fit her. Outliers like myself might pop up now and again but her message still stuck because the truth is the truth, no matter what.

Forget colors and websites and logos for a second. The lifeblood of good branding is authenticity. Megan has that in spades.

I believed in her faith in me. I left fortified in the knowledge that there was nothing I couldn’t do…



Because she’s too good at what she does.

I thought, because of her, I had no limits. Nothing was impossible. What others could make amazing, so could I.

I was wrong.


Clearly, Megan, some things in life are yours and yours alone.

Ha. Cheers people.

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