Milspouse Agent of Change: Career Lessons From Britni Miltner

If Britni Miltner were a superhero, she’d be Spiderman.

My tights? Got em’ from Lularoe.

See, there’re people in this world who have the strange ability to see connections where others can’t. It’s actually pretty amazing to watch.

Britni has this ability. But what sets her gift apart is an unstoppable drive not only see these connections, but to bring them together. For the military spouse community of today, neck-deep in a digital and marketing revolution, her skills couldn’t be more timely or necessary.

Imagine the milspouse network as a tattered web. Sprinkled throughout this web are corporate professionals, individuals not seeking employment and military spouse business owners looking to sidestep or limit the circus of maintaining a corporate career.

Surrounding this web are predators. Let’s call them unemployment and underemployment. What these predators feed on depends on which group of milspouse they encounter outside the webbing. The issue isn’t what they eat, however. What matters is the fact that no one living in that busted web is safe.

The only way to protect it is to link the strands. Connect the disconnected. Strengthen the whole.

That’s where Brtini comes in.

At the center of this network you’ll find Mrs. Miltner.  With subtle skill, Britni has positioned herself near the heart of the military spouse community. Her mission? To crush the challenges of milspouse employment by connecting spouse entrepreneurs with spouses in need of services and job seekers with milspouse friendly employers. Her site, Milspouse Resource, is the engine behind this quest.

Guys, let’s dig in a bit. Britni’s story has a quite few killer lessons you’re gonna’ want to hear.

Lesson#1: Be hungry for the journey. You never know where it’ll take you.

It’s funny.  You start seeing patterns in the lives of certain types of people.

The qualities that produce success are always present in youth. Maybe they get expressed through positive outlets, perhaps negative. Either way, the traits are there.

Arrested at age 12 for serial robbery?
He’ll be management when he grows up, for sure.

For Britni, positive channels were her path. As the oldest of six siblings, Britni excelled academically.  In high school she became captain of her cheerleading squad while continuing to earn top grades. On top of all that, she managed to work part-time at a stationery store.

There was no clear plan on what she wanted to become, but Britni was always eager to grow up and get started. After attending Auburn University (where she learned ‘adult’ and ‘age’ aren’t necessarily related) the young Ms. Miltner began working for a corporate housing provider as a marketing specialist.  She works remotely for them to this day.

While her character and natural talent help, it’s that eagerness which drives her professional journey. Trying new things, discovering unseen connections to get from Point A to Point B; this is where Britni shines.

Guys, stop focusing on the rewards at the end of the race. Instead, begin enjoying the process that gets you there.

Enjoy the work.

Enjoy the uncertainty.

Enjoy the surprise.

When you do, opportunities tend to pop up right when you need them.

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Lesson #2: See a need. Fill a need. Become a hero.

 You. Are. Powerful.

Every single military spouse has the muscle to make huge change.  The problem is you’re lazy.

Oh. Shizzle.

Yup I went there. Now quit shouting and hear me out.

There’s a lot of you out there. Like a lot. And every one of you face the same issues when it comes to employment. Either careers are next to impossible to maintain or you’re overqualified for the positions available.

Quite a few milspouses have jumped onto the entrepreneurial wagon, working it fulltime or as a side hustle. Others have found the secret to traditional long term career growth despite mobile lifestyles.

But ask yourself, are there areas of your life that a milspouse entrepreneur could have helped out with? Couldn’t you have bought that decorative art from one of your own instead of T.J. Maxx?

If you work a traditional 9-5, do you aggressively champion for the hiring of milspouses? If not, why not? Didn’t you say military spouses are worth it?

What Britni teaches by example is that it does no good to just talk. If a problem exists, you don’t just wait around for someone else to save you. No, you do a few pushups (for the pump bro!), pull out your Spidey tights and save yourself.

2015 was the year Britni started Milspouse Resource and became a hero.

Spouse club memberships and friend circles had confirmed what she already knew; something had to be done if the employment landscape of her community were to change. And it needed to happen now, not later.

Here’s how Britni describes her labor of love:

“MilSpouse Resource is a place for military spouses to receive support and inspiration. It is a place of positivity and sharing stories. MilSpouse Resource was created to share information regarding jobs, entrepreneurial and volunteer opportunities, and career enhancing tips. This is a platform for spouses to share stories, and inspire other spouses to pursue their dreams – whatever that may be.

 Being a military spouse is hard enough; our military spouse network should be one that we can rely on. Let’s lift each other up. Let’s Support and Inspire Each Other.”

Now that’s how you put a web back together.


Lesson #3: Understand that growth is a CHOICE, not a right.

In order to change a situation, it’s often necessary to change yourself first.

Why? We’re FAB-U-LOUS.

In another blog post I mentioned mastering the ‘pivot’. What that means is, when obstacles rise up, you don’t let them stop you.  Instead, pivot and keep moving in a new direction that ultimately leads back to your goal or an even better one.

Not only has Britni mastered the pivot, she’s learned a few things along the way. Like when her husband was tapped for flight school and she studied, presenting a case for remote work to her boss. Two years later (!!!), she got a call back accepting the idea.
When she decided to create Milspouse Resource, Britni knew little about building an online business.  Did that stop her? Obviously not.

Nope, this woman simply buckled down and taught herself how to grow a network, blog successfully, build a website and market online.

Even now, Britni is deepening the skills she’s gained from each pivot. Her newest project includes a website and mobile app that links military spouses and dependents growing service based businesses with other local military spouses.

The takeaway for you is in the choices each change of direction creates.  For Britni to mature through them, she had to make a conscious effort to excel.  She had to choose learning, figuring out new skills and weapons that would allow her to battle past hurdles and complications.

Ask her today if she enjoys her work and the answer is a loud, intense ‘Yes’. The reason why?

I feel like it gives me independence and I’m constantly challenged.
– Britni Miltner

In short, Britni chose to embrace and use hardships in order to grow through them.


The Wrap-Up

The military spouse community has an amazing opportunity at their fingertips.  With thought and care, you can create the world you so desperately deserve. One where PCS’s don’t steal career dreams and financial security from proud military families. A world where you don’t have to sweat over work history gaps or defending your duties when deployments roll in.

These opportunities aren’t for individuals, however.  They’re for the whole.  It will take all of you, working together, to make it happen.

Military Spouses are flexible, strong, brave, resourceful and welcoming. Within our own network of military spouses, we have experts in every field.  We need to utilize this network.” –Britni Miltner

Milspouse Resource’s motto is, Let’s Support and Inspire Each Other.

I mean really, what more is there to say?

The life you want is there for the taking. If you want it there’s work to do.

Let’s get to it.

Want to contact Britni?

Milspouse Resource

MilSpouse Resource (Facebook)

Find her on LinkedIn


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