Stars & Stripes Doulas are Changing the Game for Military Spouse Branding

So yeah, I need to talk about Stars and Stripes Doulas.


I first came across this amazing company networking in my favorite Facebook group. The brain-baby of Melanie Binversie and Melissa Nauss, Stars & Stripes Doulas (SSD) is the only full service doula partnership in the country focused on supporting those who honorably serve our country.

Being military spouses themselves, Melanie and Melissa have thoroughly owned their strengths in order to level-up the quality of their care.  From base access to personal experience with the mobile lifestyles of service families, Stars and Stripes Doulas are primed and ready to serve and support the wishes of their expectant clientele.

It’s also crystal clear that they have a blast doing so.

What really makes SSD so different from other providers is their intimate knowledge of the military community.  Living similar experiences as their clients, Melissa and Melanie have made building relationships the cornerstone of their business and success, not money.  Because of this, the duo are celebrated and loved by the tribe they’ve nurtured and grown.

Of course, I’m the branding guy, so I gave em’ a quick peek. I was shocked by what I found. I had to give them a closer look.

Thanks a lot, ladies. I only came online to watch Tasty recipes.

It only took 10 minutes before I fell head over heels in love!

Guys there’s so much ooey, gooey goodness happening with the branding of this company. I couldn’t not write about them.

So sit back, strap in, and let’s dig into a couple things we should learn about branding from the two baddest doulas on the block.

Lesson#1: Make your brand image “familiar”, not cliché.

If you’re gonna’ call yourself Stars and Stripes, you better have a flag in your branding. And your colors better be red, white and blue. There’s no way around this. It’s etched in stone somewhere. I haven’t seen it, no, but I mean it’s stone. Only profound things get etched in stone, right?


Anyway, this ‘law’ is what I affectionately call the Patriotic Pigeonhole. It’s so limiting to the creativity of branding specialists like myself because everyone in America has a baseline idea of what ‘patriotic’ should look like.  It takes special skill as a designer to sidestep these preconceived notions.

Stars and Stripes didn’t sidestep. They tucked their heads down, poured on some speed and literally demolished those old perceptions.

Are there flags?

Yup. With lots of stripes.

Are there stars?

Of course. Stars for days.

How about colors? Red, white and blue?

Absolutely. It’s American to the core.

The thing is, you won’t notice any of those elements.  The brand image of SSD is so intricate and understated that you never once feel like patriotism is the focus.  Flags are trimmed, cropped and used as background patterns or decorative enhancements for other, unique parts of their branding system. Stars are present, even in the logo, but they support the company’s image, rather than pull audiences into the Patriotic Pigeonhole mentality.

From colors and typefaces to delicate line work and stirring photography, Stars and Stripes Doulas have done a remarkable job of capturing the familiarity of patriotic themes without becoming boring and cliché. They’ve managed to raise an often corny theme into elegance.

Familiarity feeds recognition. Recognition creates trust.

And when you’re instrumental in the health and safety of a child, trust is really all that matters.

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Lesson #2: Talk to your audience, not at them.

Let’s say you’ve got a handful of your best customers.  You invite them out for pizza and wings. It’s nothing major, you just want to fellowship and get to know them.

The catch? You can’t talk business. Like at all.

My gawd! What have you done?!

What’s that conversation like? How do you keep them entertained, engaged and comfortable?

Guys, it’s so important that you know the answer to those questions. Branding is nothing more than a conversation.  It’s the communication that happens between your customers and the ‘you’ that can’t be all places all of the time.

Do you honestly think you could keep that group interested in your meetup talking only about yourself? Absolutely not, right! Well what do you think happens when brands only discuss what they like, what they can do and how special they are?

Melanie and Melissa have mastered the art of genuine conversation. Everything about their branding speaks to the particular group of people (expectant parents) they service.

You won’t just find labor charts and instructions for prenatal care. Stars and Stripes Doulas has clearly spent lots of time learning their target audience. Whether its blog posts, social media, website copy, or even photography the duo consistently delivers content centered on issues and topics keeping their clientele up at night.

Because they are also members, Melissa and Melanie reflect the attitudes and opinions of their tribe. When they speak, it’s with an authority backed by true knowledge. They can provide tailored solutions that address real pain points. Expectant parents have no reason to feel anything but confidence about their new partnership.

That’s a really, really sweet spot to be in.

The Wrap-up

Stars and Stripes Doulas are kicking butt and changing the game when it comes to Doula care. By focusing their branding on the customer, Melissa and Melanie have built a solid foundation for growth.

Without a doubt, this dynamic duo and their amazing company will continue to grow and, more importantly, continue to shine as an example of what a military spouse brand should be.

The sky’s the limit for Stars and Stripes Doulas. Let their success be a powerful motivator for your own dreams.

The life you want truly is out there. You just need the courage to go for it.

There’s work to do, guys. Let’s get to it.

*** Want to get in touch with Stars and Stripes Doulas?

PHONE:: (202) 649-0704

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