What Crushes, Kung Fu & Roaches Taught Me About Brand Positioning for Military Spouses

July 20, 2017

I remember sweating. Maybe 20ft away, standing in a rough circle, was ‘The Pack’. They were laughing. To my 12 year old brain they sounded like hyenas. They always sounded like that which is why I gave them the nickname. OMG. So accurate! I felt a nudge on my elbow.… Read more

Milspouse Agent of Change: Career Lessons From Britni Miltner

July 12, 2017

If Britni Miltner were a superhero, she’d be Spiderman. My tights? Got em’ from Lularoe. See, there’re people in this world who have the strange ability to see connections where others can’t. It’s actually pretty amazing to watch. Britni has this ability. But what sets her gift apart is an… Read more

Why Expanding Your Network Is The Key To A PCS Proof Military Spouse Brand

July 3, 2017

I’m allergic to saying I need help. Seriously, it’s my dumbest weakness. It’s like writing a hit song about The Rock’s momma and her stank feet, then asking him to gut punch me. Sorry, bro. She smell like hot Cheetos. I’m also 100% aware that I need more help than… Read more

Stars & Stripes Doulas are Changing the Game for Military Spouse Branding

June 24, 2017

So yeah, I need to talk about Stars and Stripes Doulas.   I first came across this amazing company networking in my favorite Facebook group. The brain-baby of Melanie Binversie and Melissa Nauss, Stars & Stripes Doulas (SSD) is the only full service doula partnership in the country focused on… Read more

Milspouse Agent of Change: Career Lessons From Jenny Hale

June 22, 2017

Guys, this is Jenny Hale. Sometimes, I don’t like this woman. “Aww…found another sale on Hater-ade, Reg?” See, what I like is relaxation and sleep. Just lay my head down and pretend like I’m at the beach and the world doesn’t exist.  If I concentrate, I can even ignore the… Read more

Why Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Need to Hack the Culture Code

June 19, 2017

Reading my soap bottle makes me want to fight crime. If you see me dressed like this…call my momma! No really. I was in the shower, quietly channeling my inner Bruno Mars, when I noticed my body wash. The crimson color. The decorative flourishes on the label. The packaging itself.… Read more

Why PCS Packouts Are An Amazing Way To Build Your Total Branding System

May 9, 2017

READ PART 1: WHY PCS PACKOUTS ARE A GREAT STRATEGY TO DISCOVER YOUR TRUE TARGET AUDIENCE Okay so you’ve done the hard part and packed out your target audience (read it now). You’ve got a solid foundation of who your business is for and what motivates them. Tee-hee…motivated! It’s time to… Read more

Why PCS Packouts Are A Great Strategy To Discover Your True Target Audience

May 3, 2017

READ PART 2: WHY PCS PACKOUTS ARE AN AMAZING WAY TO BUILD YOUR TOTAL BRANDING SYSTEM So you decided to start a business. How we look at The SHOP right now. That’s awesome! Seriously, forget all that crap about work history gaps and interviews that end the second ‘military spouse’ flops… Read more

Agent of Change: Career Lessons From Milspouse Michelle Jones

April 24, 2017

This story begins with a dog. The best stories always do. So, there I was browsing Facebook when my pup, Jahkobi, decided he’d had enough of being ignored. One minute he’s scratching at my leg and the next the little furball’s in my lap. My phone meanwhile? It was suddenly… Read more

3 Steps to Become A LulaRoe Milspouse Success

April 4, 2017

Hey, question. Ever heard of LulaRoe?   Please believe the military spouse community has.  The direct sales giant has gained a massive following of buyers and sellers within the last couple years. Even with its fair share of challenges (late delivery, quality control) the fashion line of affordable, stylish clothing… Read more

How United Airlines Teaches Authentic Branding By Hating Your Leggings

April 4, 2017

Was my headline a little clickbaitey? My bad (wink). I’ll work on that. In the meantime, United Airlines was beaten by a flaming Stick of Stupid yesterday while the world (mostly social media) watched it burn. Yeah. This is fine. The popular airline gave three female passengers the option to… Read more

5 Personal Branding Lessons I Learned Meeting The World’s Best Caricature Artist

April 4, 2017

This is Mary Kay Williams. Hey girl, hey. Mary Kay is a misfit and I love her. Guys, I meet a lot of interesting people. I’m drawn to them. So it didn’t surprise me when I sat down with my wife, Michel, at our local Cherry Blossom Festival and felt… Read more

3 Things Watching Moana On Repeat Taught Me About Branding Milspouses

April 4, 2017

Sue me. I LOVE Disney’s Moana. I’m also thirty-four, male and have five daughters but forget them!  I’d watch this film gem even if I didn’t have my girls. It’s great. Really it is. Watch it. There’s a chicken in it. This freakin’ guy. Hey-Hey, you are my spirit animal. But… Read more

Why Positive Recognition Is Vital to Elevate Military Support Branding

December 22, 2016

I have a confession. On occasion, I do selfless things a little…selfishly. I’m not talking about saving puppies from burning buildings or taking a bullet for the President. I’m talking about little things. Things like running that errand when you know they know you don’t really want to. I don’t… Read more

4 Things Needed To Brand PTSD Support Communities

December 22, 2016

There are thousands of articles on the effects of PTSD and military suicide.  There are even more studies, research papers and opinion polls. While I could easily get trapped in the numbers I want to stay focused on one thing. What do we do about it? Enter REBOOT Combat Recovery.… Read more

What Gilmore Girls Teaches About Expanding Your Target Audience

December 21, 2016

Okay I have to admit, I know nothing about Gilmore Girls. Heard of it in passing sometime in a past life, but I literally know nothing about it. Best I could come up with was flashes of a TV show that resembled Seventh Heaven (which was the bomb by the… Read more


December 18, 2016

Okay MilSpouse Entrepreneurs, do you have a product idea or a business ready to launch and need that all important logo to get the ball rolling? If that’s you, stop right here and get my FREE (really, no strings guys) 6 Step Guide to Designing Successful Branding. I designed it… Read more


December 18, 2016

I used to get in trouble growing up. I wasn’t a bad kid and these weren’t some crazy punishments dished out by evil parents. I just needed some…correction on occasion. The thing is, I was hard to punish for one simple reason. I loved stories. I don’t mean I was… Read more

What’s Your Purpose?

September 7, 2016

I was browsing through Task and Purpose, a great news site for military, vets and supporters, when I came across an article by Audrey Iriberri. The piece spoke about the challenge military members face finding a greater, common purpose when transitioning to civilian workforces.  Soldiers hold God and Country as a… Read more

Okay, I’ll Put the Hammer Down!

September 5, 2016

So I read an old article on Task and Purpose  discussing whether or not Obama should have sent troops into Syria. I have my own opinions about that, but what I did notice among debaters was a mixture of presidential policy opinions and whether they should support these seemingly endless, obscure… Read more