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3 Steps to Become A LulaRoe Milspouse Success

Hey, question. Ever heard of LulaRoe?


Please believe the military spouse community has.  The direct sales giant has gained a massive following of buyers and sellers within the last couple years. Even with its fair share of challenges (late delivery, quality control) the fashion line of affordable, stylish clothing shows no signs of slowing down.

What makes LulaRoe (and many other direct sales companies) so enticing to milspouses is the staggering potential income and the flexibility. Direct sales jobs transfer. They aren’t dependent upon location which is pretty awesome when you move every 3-5 years.

Still, success within these businesses isn’t a sure thing. Just like any other startup, you need a strategy and hard work to get off the ground.  Forget the crap-shoot. Get intentional with your direct sales hustle and watch your satisfaction (and the moolah) soar.

That said, let’s get to it shall we?

1) Know What You’re Selling

It’s like wearing Skittles.

This step seems pretty obvious, but I can’t stress it enough. Being a seller for LulaRoe means that the product being pitched isn’t yours. You need to do research. From type of material to organic dye (is that a thing?) to what’s hot for the season, you need to become an expert about the company.

Customers aren’t stupid.  For every bit of information you don’t know, they’ve already looked it up on Google or seen it in their social media feed. The last thing you can afford is to be caught by surprise because the founder of the company you represent just announced their engagement to a cardboard cut-out of Daryl from the Walking Dead.

Okay, that might be a bit much. But what about hyping up a dress and getting the sale only to find out orders are behind and it will take 12-13 weeks for delivery? With the staggering and super quick rise of LulaRoe, sellers are experiencing that reality as we speak.


2) To Start, Share. Don’t Sell

What Milspouses have in their advantage arsenal is a built in community.  While military life can be a time suck, the structure of official and un-official spouse groups is a great platform for getting seen.

Need to get your product out there quickly.  Hop onto your favorite social media channel (Facebook is awesome for this), organize an event with your social circle and show off the goods.  Outside the fence these get-togethers can be extremely difficult to organize.  Within the milspouse set, the closeness of residence plays a huge role in the success of these gatherings.

One of the biggest positives you’re going to get is an environment where selling isn’t necessary.  When you have a group of friends and acquaintances, the pressure to become a drooling, crazy-eyed sales person gets left at the door.  You can banter, you can laugh. You can tell your story without the awkwardness. Having a warm, comfortable atmosphere greases your sales wheels in all sorts of good ways.

Also, keep in mind that within a group setting, participants will give feedback to one another. Often that encouragement from someone that isn’t you is enough to open wallets.


3) Announce Your Arrival Before The Next Location

Alright, this one is important so take note.  There’s a little strategy in the entrepreneur’s world called the pre-sell. This is where you sell a product before it even exists. When you do this, you get an early feel for the demand your product or service generates.

Basically, you’re finding out if you can make money before you spend money.

Well as a milspouse, you will move.  That’s a fact of life. The question is, how do you move without losing every ounce of momentum you’ve built up with your business?

Answer: Facebook.

Yup, what you want to do is find out which spouse groups are located at your next location.  Get in contact with the lead (typically the Key Spouse) and have them announce you to their Facebook group, spouse’s club forum, etc. Mention how excited you are to move there in the near future and let them know about your affiliation with LulaRoe.

Stay active in the groups, posting about everything other than your business. Become a member of the tribe before you sell to it.

About 3-4 out announce that your PCS is only a few weeks away. Organize a Facebook event for 2-3 weeks AFTER your arrival, where you can showcase your inventory and meet everyone face-to-face. Be sure to schedule the event a couple weeks after your move date to give yourself time to settle.  PCS’ing gets crazy.

During that time post an item from your merchandise once a week. If you’ve got the guts, go real time with Facebook live. Live is a good way to gauge interest and get personal interaction with your new group of potential customers.

Be real. Be you. Be a rockstar.  They will notice.

These quick steps will help boost your LulaRoe and direct sales success. Do you have any tips to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.