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Okay, I’ll Put the Hammer Down!

So I read an old article on Task and Purpose  discussing whether or not Obama should have sent troops into Syria. I have my own opinions about that, but what I did notice among debaters was a mixture of presidential policy opinions and whether they should support these seemingly endless, obscure missions.

What I wanted to speak of here is the troop aspect.  It amazes me still to think that while I get up, go to work, worry about bills, etc, there are men and women who wake up, step outside, and get shot at…as a job!  It amazes me to remember that war is a tool; a hammer wielded by the opinions of a powerful few and crafted from the lives and sacrifices of brave individuals. And yet these individuals find the strength to remember a pledge to God, country, and family.  They find the strength to remember they defend not just our less-than-impressive present, but the future our young ones deserve.

Troops follow.  That is the military.  Their individual opinions are secondary. Even third.  Orders are issued and they must execute.  What we should be debating is not THEIR support for missions, but our support for them. They are our hammer. Our political leadership is the arm that wields it, and we SHOULD BE the head that directs the blow. It’s our responsibility to direct the arm, so our hammer falls where it should.

Put simply, when was the last time you got mad at the hammer and not yourself for bending the nail?